Timeline and Stats

AMH: .04 (1/19/17), <.03 (2/17/17)

FSH: 2.2 (2/17/17), 7 (3/25/17), 7 (4/17/17)

Antral Follicle Count: 2 (2/17/17), 0 (3/25/17), 4 (4/24/17)

Estradiol: 95 (2/17/17), 20 (3/25/17), 37 (4/24/17)

January 2014: Ectopic twin pregnancy (1 cervical, 1 ovarian ectopic). Two doses of methotrexate before HCG goes down from over 20,000.

February 2014: Sonohysterogram to rule out cervical irregularities.

December 2014: Married!

2015: Spending a year together married before we try to have a baby. Hah.

January 2016: Actively trying to conceive (had been tracking cycles with BBT and OPKs for a few months.)

May 2016: Chemical pregnancy. First beta 15, second beta 21, last beta 3.

June: Pregnant again! MTHFR diagnosis found on old 23&Me report. Betas barely doubling in time. Heart rate is slow. Switched all vitamins to MTHFR friendly.

July 2016: Miscarriage @ 9 weeks (trisomy 16), after hearing the heartbeat. Miscarried naturally at home three day after finding the heart had stopped.

September 2016: Second sonohysterogram to rule out intramural fibroids. Found that fibroids are still only subserosal, with the largest one pedunculated.

January 2017: Chemical pregnancy, diminished ovarian reserve diagnosis (AMH .04)

February 2017: first fertility appointment at Y clinic, first appointment with traditional Chinese medicine doctor and acupuncturist who starts me on Chinese herbs. Fertility doctor wants me to lose weight before IVF and to do IUIs in the meantime.

March 2017: IUI #1: Cancelled (Follistim 225iu CD 3-5, 300iu CD 6-8, cancelled CD 9 – no follicle growth)

April/May 2017: IUI #2: Cancelled (Menopur 225iu IM CD 3-5, 300iu IM CD-6-9, cancelled CD10 – no follicle growth)

June 2017: Waiting out this cycle to prepare for IVF. Lost enough weight for my clinic to start IVF as of 6/29/17. Woohoo!

July 12, 2017: IVF consult!

Micro Lupron Flare w/Estrogen Priming and Follistim

7/29/17 – Estrogen Priming and IVF Class

8/7/17 – Cycle start

8/9/17 – Baseline scan/blood work