Pregnancy Update

Sensitive (and a little scary) Post

I am in “p” territory again. Let me backtrack. I actually had a chemical in January. I implanted late and found out later that implantation after 11 DPO leads to early miscarriage 82% of the time. I tested positive on 17 DPO after thinking I was out, but my period was late. It was a… Continue reading Sensitive (and a little scary) Post


Recurring Pregnancy Loss – Still Occurring

It feels appropriate to update now. In October we had a failed IUI, November was a failed medicated cycle with trigger, and in December we just did timed intercourse. I had a positive pregnancy test this week when I realized my period was late after already thinking I was out. The line was too faint… Continue reading Recurring Pregnancy Loss – Still Occurring


Infertility Burnout

My period is two days late and I'm definitely not pregnant so that's great. My cycles are still messed up with no clear indication of when I ovulate and I track eeeeeeverything on two apps and I wear an Ava bracelet. So yeah. Tubes and uterus are clear, though, so that's good. That's never been… Continue reading Infertility Burnout


Keep Your Fertile Frenemies Closer?

Warning: bit of a whiny rant ahead. But it’s my blog so that’s what this is for, right? When I was pregnant, I was that annoying woman who was just so happy and grateful and wouldn’t complain about anything. Not even when I could barely walk from severe SPD. Not even when my fibroids grew… Continue reading Keep Your Fertile Frenemies Closer?


My New Reproductive Endocrinologist (Making a Baby: Chapter 2)!

Yesterday I had my initial meeting with my new RE, Dr. S since Dr. M left the practice shortly after we left in 2017. This new doctor is also the head of the donor egg program, which is why he is my doctor. I liked him a lot, the appointment went well. I like the… Continue reading My New Reproductive Endocrinologist (Making a Baby: Chapter 2)!


Life, Secondary Infertility, and the Pursuit of Eggs

Secondary infertility is an unwieldy beast. With primary infertility, you've got the straight facts. There's no baby, there's no joy, there is only sorrow. That's how I felt. There were layers, don't get me wrong. This one can't even get pregnant. That one has been trying longer. There are shades of pain. When I got… Continue reading Life, Secondary Infertility, and the Pursuit of Eggs


CD3: Still Infertile!

Last time I updated I wrote, “I’d like to get pregnant in the next 6 months.” Well it’s been 4 months and I’m not pregnant. I’m not even sure if I’m ovulating. Sometimes I think that the premature ovarian failure is finally here. The more I read studies about the genetic cause of my diminished… Continue reading CD3: Still Infertile!


CD 37 !?: Short Update

I ovulated 3 weeks late. That's right! I am on CD 37 and 5 DPO, or at least I think. And it's that damn DHEA, I am sure. That's what delayed me every cycle in 2017 until I stopped taking it. But I am taking it until we are ready to start trying officially since… Continue reading CD 37 !?: Short Update


In Line For the Secondary Infertility Ride

The woman I know pregnant with twins lost one at 6 weeks and I felt terrible about my envy of her. She's due with a boy in July now. I've had several more friends have babies and announce pregnancies since my daughter was born and I still get pangs. I know 100% that I desperately… Continue reading In Line For the Secondary Infertility Ride