Pregnancy Update

Fibroids During Pregnancy

20w4d Update: We had our follow up anatomy scan, everything is totally normal. I asked them to check my cervix again and both my OB and the perinatologist who did my second anatomy scan agree that since my cervix was 3.2 cm at 18 weeks and I am not at risk (cervical ectopic doesn't count… Continue reading Fibroids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Update

Mental Struggles with Pregnancy After Loss

16 weeks 4 days up in here! Thursday is my cervical measurement, right at 17 weeks. Really pisses me off they couldn’t get me in sooner, even though this is an urgent scan. And this is after me trying to make the appointment for days. The ultrasound department made it sound like they were doing… Continue reading Mental Struggles with Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy Update

Hello, Second Trimester

There was a time when I thought 12 weeks was the second trimester, then I realized it must be 13 weeks, and then some of my apps said 14 weeks, so I decided to wait until 14 weeks to claim second trimester, which is tomorrow! I had my second prenatal appointment yesterday. Everything is okay… Continue reading Hello, Second Trimester

Pregnancy Update

Muddling Through

As of Saturday I am officially showing. I thought I wouldn't show for much longer because I am overweight. I found baby with doppler this morning next to my belly button. Everyone else in my BabyCenter birth board is just now experiencing finding the baby above the pubic bone. It reinforces my suspicion that my… Continue reading Muddling Through


Zen and the Art of Cervix Maintenance

I had my sonohysterogram today. The good news: everything looks good! That’s what was expected, though, as I’ve had two before and no reason to suspect any changes. So, I consider myself able to deal with cervical pain well. Like all of us, I’ve had countless vaginal ultrasounds and internal exams. I’ve had HPV and… Continue reading Zen and the Art of Cervix Maintenance