IVF#1 Is A Go

Update: On Wednesday I did get a message from a nurse that my E2 is 67 and FSH is 3 (from Estrogen priming? Wtf?) and we are going ahead with the cycle. I needed to have a pity party on Wednesday, though. I am hoping my stupid cyst is hiding some follicles. I also remembered… Continue reading IVF#1 Is A Go


Two Follicles and a Cyst.

This morning’s baseline ultrasound revealed a 10x13mm cyst on my left ovary, and two whole antral follicles on my right ovary. Ugh. Now I wait for the call to find out if the cyst is going to cancel my cycle or not, and even if it’s not cancelled, I mean, two follicles. The doctor who… Continue reading Two Follicles and a Cyst.

No Eggs, Low Estrogen, and Educational Fibroids!

The good, the bad, and the really sad: I was finally able to start this IUI cycle after my whopping 8 day luteal phase. My CD 3 ultrasound showed 0 antral follicles. ZERO!!! My FSH was 7, and my E2 was 20. I was told to start on 225 Follistim and come back on CD… Continue reading No Eggs, Low Estrogen, and Educational Fibroids!

“At least I know I can get pregnant.”

In January 2016, after a year of marriage, we began trying to conceive. We used protection for all of 2015 because I wanted to “spend a year enjoying marriage with no kids.” I told my husband, “We’ll never have this time again.” He wanted to try to have a baby in 2015, but we waited… Continue reading “At least I know I can get pregnant.”