Pregnancy Update

Muddling Through

As of Saturday I am officially showing. I thought I wouldn't show for much longer because I am overweight. I found baby with doppler this morning next to my belly button. Everyone else in my BabyCenter birth board is just now experiencing finding the baby above the pubic bone. It reinforces my suspicion that my… Continue reading Muddling Through


An Actual Pregnancy Update (And At A Cross Roads)

I am at a crossroads whether or not to blog at all about this pregnancy. Yeah, I ventured to add the rest of the letters on to that P. Yeah, I may be taking them back still. But I've had feedback that my P updates aren't completely unwelcome, and I've also had people unfollow, maybe… Continue reading An Actual Pregnancy Update (And At A Cross Roads)


IVF#1 Is A Go

Update: On Wednesday I did get a message from a nurse that my E2 is 67 and FSH is 3 (from Estrogen priming? Wtf?) and we are going ahead with the cycle. I needed to have a pity party on Wednesday, though. I am hoping my stupid cyst is hiding some follicles. I also remembered… Continue reading IVF#1 Is A Go


Two Follicles and a Cyst.

This morning’s baseline ultrasound revealed a 10x13mm cyst on my left ovary, and two whole antral follicles on my right ovary. Ugh. Now I wait for the call to find out if the cyst is going to cancel my cycle or not, and even if it’s not cancelled, I mean, two follicles. The doctor who… Continue reading Two Follicles and a Cyst.


Pre-Appointment Worries and Fears

IVF consult day! I have a pit of dread in my stomach about this appointment because I have a list of questions and concerns for Dr. M and I have severe doctor anxiety. Growing up poor and often without health insurance, doctor visits were avoided, and when I did see a doctor, it was sometimes… Continue reading Pre-Appointment Worries and Fears


We Have Antral Follicles!

Today is CD 3 so I went in for my scan and blood work for this next IUI cycle. We have four antral follicles!!! "They are small, we can't tell if they will grow yet but hopefully they will with the meds." Okay, I'll take it! They also found a 10x13 cyst on one ovary… Continue reading We Have Antral Follicles!


No Eggs, Low Estrogen, and Educational Fibroids!

The good, the bad, and the really sad: I was finally able to start this IUI cycle after my whopping 8 day luteal phase. My CD 3 ultrasound showed 0 antral follicles. ZERO!!! My FSH was 7, and my E2 was 20. I was told to start on 225 Follistim and come back on CD… Continue reading No Eggs, Low Estrogen, and Educational Fibroids!


“At least I know I can get pregnant.”

In January 2016, after a year of marriage, we began trying to conceive. We used protection for all of 2015 because I wanted to “spend a year enjoying marriage with no kids.” I told my husband, “We’ll never have this time again.” He wanted to try to have a baby in 2015, but we waited… Continue reading “At least I know I can get pregnant.”