Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy After Loss Frustrations

Warning: this is a vent, a frustration fueled vent, a hormonal oversensitive vent. Today I'm feeling like I just need to stop talking to people. First: my co-worker with the pregnant wife. He's the ultimate one upper. I'm going through a hard time with my family during this pregnancy, so naturally they are going through… Continue reading Pregnancy After Loss Frustrations


My Mother. Myself.

My parents were never married and they broke up when I was 7 going on 8 years old. My mother asked me to move out with her and I, a mommy's girl, saw no other option. The year I lived with her was hard - not enough food to bring to school for lunch, or… Continue reading My Mother. Myself.


My Future Motherhood

I finally did it. I left my Facebook support groups, except for my DOR and Donor Egg groups. Bye, bitches! Well, they weren’t all bitches. But this morning I saw a post from a woman who just transferred one of her many PGS normal embryos and got a strong positive before her beta, and oh… Continue reading My Future Motherhood


Turning 35, WTF Appointment, and Next Steps

Turning 35 Sunday was my 35th birthday. I remember when I decided I wanted children at 29, I thought, "But I need to have them by 35 because the risk of chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome increase after 35." I remember finally meeting my soulmate and getting married at 32 and deciding I'd have my… Continue reading Turning 35, WTF Appointment, and Next Steps


Random Update After July 4

I had a four day July 4th weekend because I took off Monday, and I strayed off the diet wagon. I’ve put on all of 4 pounds which is enough to send me into a mental tailspin. My metabolism is so shot that 1 cheat meal really sets me back a week. I also have… Continue reading Random Update After July 4