Stims Day 5: Follicle Check!

Yesterday was CD10 and stims day 5. I went in for my follicle check. I’d been having fertile mucus so I had high hopes. My actual doctor ended up doing the scan, which was great! Usually a medical fellow does the scan (though my baseline was done by the head of the clinic) so I… Continue reading Stims Day 5: Follicle Check!

Two Follicles and a Cyst.

This morning’s baseline ultrasound revealed a 10x13mm cyst on my left ovary, and two whole antral follicles on my right ovary. Ugh. Now I wait for the call to find out if the cyst is going to cancel my cycle or not, and even if it’s not cancelled, I mean, two follicles. The doctor who… Continue reading Two Follicles and a Cyst.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Purchases

If I ever have a child, I will know I worked for that child. I will have worked so hard. Every mile on the treadmill, every time I turn down normal food everyone else is eating, every research study I read, every dollar I save for IVF costs, the meditations, the needles, you get the… Continue reading Desperate Times Call For Desperate Purchases

Counting My Blessings and Pounds

That moment when you lose 42 pounds and no one notices except for the three people you explicitly told you were trying to lose weight. Yup, I’m five pounds below my clinic’s requirement BMI for IVF! And with 13 days to go until my weight check, I hope to lose more to compensate for the… Continue reading Counting My Blessings and Pounds

Erratic Cycles (My Body Is Not A Wonderland)

The good news: I hit my IVF weight. Yay! Now let’s make this stick and continue the downward trend. The bad news: Yesterday was CD 18 and I started spotting. I know it’s my period starting. This is bad because it’s way early, like at least 10 days early. I don’t even know if I… Continue reading Erratic Cycles (My Body Is Not A Wonderland)

How Do You Choose An IVF Clinic?

I’ve written before about my doubts about my fertility clinic. I can’t change clinics until January 2018 when I change my health insurance. See, it’s complicated. I work at a university that offers its own free health insurance. The only caveat is that you have to use their health center that is only for students,… Continue reading How Do You Choose An IVF Clinic?

Too Fat For IUI, Too!

I saw Dr. J for acupuncture last night. I told her my IUI was cancelled because of the follicles not growing and estrogen not increasing. Last cycle when my first IUI was cancelled, she said that I needed to be taking her herbs and seeing her for acupuncture for three months before I'd be ready… Continue reading Too Fat For IUI, Too!