CD 37 !?: Short Update

I ovulated 3 weeks late. That's right! I am on CD 37 and 5 DPO, or at least I think. And it's that damn DHEA, I am sure. That's what delayed me every cycle in 2017 until I stopped taking it. But I am taking it until we are ready to start trying officially since… Continue reading CD 37 !?: Short Update


In Line For the Secondary Infertility Ride

The woman I know pregnant with twins lost one at 6 weeks and I felt terrible about my envy of her. She's due with a boy in July now. I've had several more friends have babies and announce pregnancies since my daughter was born and I still get pangs. I know 100% that I desperately… Continue reading In Line For the Secondary Infertility Ride


AMH Update

I had my AMH retested to see if it was really <.03 ng/mL, and also had my vitamin D levels tested for the first time to see if a low vitamin D level was making my AMH appear lower than it really was. I've also read numerous studies on DHEA raising AMH levels. Now I… Continue reading AMH Update