Supplements, Acupuncture, and Feeling Jaded

I emailed Dr. J, my traditional Chinese medicine doc, and told her I needed a break from acupuncture because the cycle got cancelled. She responded, “Why did it get cancelled? For what reason?” I wrote back explaining why. No response from her after that. No nothing. WTF? I feel like ever since my cycle cancellation… Continue reading Supplements, Acupuncture, and Feeling Jaded


IVF # 1: Cancelled

Cycle got cancelled. We went in on Saturday morning, stims day 8, cycle day 13, and we were told that my endometrial lining was developing the triple stripe and was 6.8 mm (yay I have a decent uterus still) and that none of my follicles were at 10 mm yet. She did say that my… Continue reading IVF # 1: Cancelled

Stims Day 5: Follicle Check!

Yesterday was CD10 and stims day 5. I went in for my follicle check. I’d been having fertile mucus so I had high hopes. My actual doctor ended up doing the scan, which was great! Usually a medical fellow does the scan (though my baseline was done by the head of the clinic) so I… Continue reading Stims Day 5: Follicle Check!

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and Tiffany’s

Today is cycle day 17 and I am 99% sure I am ovulating. You know what that means? I’m ovulating nearly on time again! I used to ovulate on CD 16 like clockwork until this past January. In January, I ovulated a week late and had a 35 day cycle and I attributed it to… Continue reading Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and Tiffany’s

Random Update After July 4

I had a four day July 4th weekend because I took off Monday, and I strayed off the diet wagon. I’ve put on all of 4 pounds which is enough to send me into a mental tailspin. My metabolism is so shot that 1 cheat meal really sets me back a week. I also have… Continue reading Random Update After July 4

Hello Darkness My Old Friend (CD 3)

What makes an otherwise sane woman pee on a stick (or dip a stick in pee) once, twice, three times a day, starting on 5 dpo? What makes that woman stare at that stark white test and take pictures of it and tweak the contrast options until a line, that may or may not actually… Continue reading Hello Darkness My Old Friend (CD 3)

Too Fat For IUI, Too!

I saw Dr. J for acupuncture last night. I told her my IUI was cancelled because of the follicles not growing and estrogen not increasing. Last cycle when my first IUI was cancelled, she said that I needed to be taking her herbs and seeing her for acupuncture for three months before I'd be ready… Continue reading Too Fat For IUI, Too!

Hope for Egg Quality

When I got to my acupuncture appointment today, Dr. J told me I ovulated on CD 17. She said my temps don't look the way they should, which is what was throwing me, because I have low progesterone. I hope she's right about me ovulating this month. She told me to be happy and not… Continue reading Hope for Egg Quality

No Eggs, Low Estrogen, and Educational Fibroids!

The good, the bad, and the really sad: I was finally able to start this IUI cycle after my whopping 8 day luteal phase. My CD 3 ultrasound showed 0 antral follicles. ZERO!!! My FSH was 7, and my E2 was 20. I was told to start on 225 Follistim and come back on CD… Continue reading No Eggs, Low Estrogen, and Educational Fibroids!