Resources and Links

Diminished Ovarian Reserve

What is Diminished Ovarian Reserve? Center for Human Reproduction – Diminished Ovarian Reserve

What is AMH? Shady Grove Fertility – Anti-mullerian Hormone AMH Can Help Predict Your Ovarian Reserve

Improving Egg Quality

How To Increase Your Egg Health In 90 Days – Natural Fertility Info’s website has some good starting information. I don’t do everything they recommend, though.

Egg Quality: Center for Human Reproduction – Improving Egg Quality

It Starts With The Egg -This site and book are what convinced me to start DHEA before my doctor even suggested it, and is an invaluable resource to me regarding egg quality

Miscarriage Statistics

Lies, Damned Lies, and Miscarriage Statistics – When I had one of my miscarriages, I read many research studies that actually showed data that indicated I’d have a miscarriage before my doctor told me my fetus had no heartbeat. I was able to prepare myself for this news. I later found this site which actually has all that research put together and linked, so I keep it as a reference.

Miscarriage Research – This is a compilation of research done on factors that impact miscarriage and fertility, i.e. supplements, vitamins, caffeine, herbs, weight, fibroids, diabetes, and more.