Eight Days Old

My daughter is eight days old. My little rainbow. She came to us early, but healthy and the birth was a great experience even if it wasn't exactly as planned. I may write again to document the birth because I love to read the birth stories of my fellow bloggers. But for now this is… Continue reading Eight Days Old

Pregnancy Update

44 Days

This is a P update for anyone who may be curious, so this is a sensitive post.   We're T-44 days. I never thought I'd be one of those women. I watched in awe over the blogosphere as other women approached the second, third, and the end of the third trimesters. As they completed their… Continue reading 44 Days

Pregnancy Update

To My Unborn Children

Our little twins. You never stood a chance to survive. You were conceived shortly after your Dad and I got engaged. We were so thrilled to find out we were pregnant. You would have been 3.5 years old last month. You were all the children we'd ever need, our first and last born. I don't… Continue reading To My Unborn Children

Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy After Loss Frustrations

Warning: this is a vent, a frustration fueled vent, a hormonal oversensitive vent. Today I'm feeling like I just need to stop talking to people. First: my co-worker with the pregnant wife. He's the ultimate one upper. I'm going through a hard time with my family during this pregnancy, so naturally they are going through… Continue reading Pregnancy After Loss Frustrations

Pregnancy Update

97 Day Countdown and Mom Anxieties

There are 97 days until this baby girl is here. I never thought I'd be the one counting down the double digits. The nursery is getting painted on Monday, and a muralist is coming in to do some custom work the following week. It's like I'm this regular pregnant mom, getting ready for baby, planning… Continue reading 97 Day Countdown and Mom Anxieties

Pregnancy Update

24w4d (Viability, Infertility, Miracles, and Fibroid Hell)

The biggest news is that we made viability. Yay! I am 24 weeks and 4 days today. We had a growth scan on the day we hit 24 weeks and baby girl is 1 lb 14 oz already and curled up facing my spine, hiding her face. I find myself being infinitely patient with not… Continue reading 24w4d (Viability, Infertility, Miracles, and Fibroid Hell)

Pregnancy Update

Fibroids During Pregnancy

20w4d Update: We had our follow up anatomy scan, everything is totally normal. I asked them to check my cervix again and both my OB and the perinatologist who did my second anatomy scan agree that since my cervix was 3.2 cm at 18 weeks and I am not at risk (cervical ectopic doesn't count… Continue reading Fibroids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Update

(Almost) Half Way There, Livin’ On A Prayer

It's been over two weeks since I last updated. It's hard for me to write when things aren't going badly. Is that strange? I am 18w6d. It feel surreal because this is the point I used to be so envious of for other women, and here I am, and I'm not quite on the magical… Continue reading (Almost) Half Way There, Livin’ On A Prayer

Pregnancy Update

Mental Struggles with Pregnancy After Loss

16 weeks 4 days up in here! Thursday is my cervical measurement, right at 17 weeks. Really pisses me off they couldn’t get me in sooner, even though this is an urgent scan. And this is after me trying to make the appointment for days. The ultrasound department made it sound like they were doing… Continue reading Mental Struggles with Pregnancy After Loss