About Me

I am 35 years old and I have diminished ovarian reserve, homozygous MTHFR (C677T), and recurrent pregnancy loss. My husband is 38 years old and we live in a cute house on the coast with our cat named Sandy.

My first pregnancy loss was in January 2014, before we got married, but it was ectopic (cervical and ovarian.)

In January 2016, my husband and I began to actively TTC. I was the one who wanted to wait a year into our marriage to “enjoy marriage by ourselves,” a decision I would later regret. In 2016 I had a chemical pregnancy and a miscarriage at 9 weeks after seeing the heartbeat. In January of 2017 I had another chemical pregnancy, and this is when my OB/GYN asked me if I wanted to be referred to the fertility department of my medical system.

On January 22, 2017 I found out I had an AMH of .04 and I felt like my entire life derailed.

Update: June 4, 2018 Baby Girl was born.