Secondary Infertility Fears

Someone I know is pregnant with twins. IVF twins, after 4 rounds of IVF and a possible miscarriage, secondary infertility after primary infertility. And still…

I flinched when I heard it.

Isn’t that stupid?

I got lucky with one baby, and my feelings on having/trying for a second are worthy of an entire separate post, but basically I must be prepared either way to be satisfied with a one and done. But moments like this remind me I’m not there yet.

Remind me that there’s no fertility doctor who can help me when I grow zero eggs with fertility meds. Remind me that I only have 1 live birth out of 5 pregnancies. Remind me that I’m 36 and my husband is 38 and time is even less on our side than when we started four years ago. Remind me that I was cheated out of twins with my first pregnancy. Remind me that I may have secondary infertility forever.

I wish there was hope for me. I wish I had a way to hope. I wish that I could grow eggs with fertility meds. I wish that I could know my future. I wish that I didn’t have to stop breastfeeding if I want to try for a baby because I need to go on a strict 3 month diet and supplement regimen for optimum results (I think, and breastfeeding is a whole other crazy topic for me worthy of a post by itself.)

So, that’s all. It still hurts, and I’m still here, even though I’ve gotten what I wanted once already.


1 thought on “Secondary Infertility Fears”

  1. I get it. I had both primary and secondary infertility and got lucky. I didn’t think I would. The uncertainty about the future is hard to take. For what it’s worth, at least for the breastfeeding part, you may have more options there than you know. I found a great FB group for women who are breastfeeding and undergoing infertility treatment. They are an amazing resource of what is safe and isn’t based on a lot of research.

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