Eight Days Old

My daughter is eight days old. My little rainbow.

She came to us early, but healthy and the birth was a great experience even if it wasn’t exactly as planned.

I may write again to document the birth because I love to read the birth stories of my fellow bloggers.

But for now this is where we sign off. The pain isn’t totally gone but it’s dulled. If/ when we try for a second … not even ready to think about that struggle.

I’ll still be reading.


5 thoughts on “Eight Days Old”

  1. No… You mean you WILL write again to tell us her birth story. Right?

    Congratulations. So glad you’re a mom . May recovery be smooth and …WIll be scared with/for you when the time comes to discuss number 2 one day. Thanks for the update. It’s good news. Welcome, baby!

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