Pregnancy Update

15w5d Update

A lot has happened and yet everything is basically the same. I haven’t gotten my cervix measured yet but I am still worried it’s going to open, funnel, shorten, anything.

We told my family on Christmas, everything went great. I guess I haven’t felt like blogging because I have nothing new to say. I did feel the baby a few times, though, but couldn’t be 100% sure, but then this morning on my way to work felt a very distinct rolling sensation across my belly underneath my belly button. Every time I get worried I still take out the doppler but now it’s much easier to find her within a minute. She’s always in the same spot, up high near my belly button, no matter what the amateur “experts” in my pregnancy groups argue with me how the baby can’t possibly be that high.

My annoying coworker struck again, though. He sent out a department wide email announcing his wife’s pregnancy, complete with lists of joke names for everyone to vote on for the child. No one has ever announced at work this way before so it was the ultimate in attention seeking behavior. This is after handing out Christmas cards with an ultrasound picture on them. Oh and there was the usual social media announcement, too, but that was expected.

January 18 is my anatomy scan and we plan to announce on January 20. Ugh, I hope I don’t regret announcing.



1 thought on “15w5d Update”

  1. I too hope nothing ever causes you to regret this announcement. I have faith it won’t, but we know how faith is not the same as reality.
    This colleague is OTT. It’s irritating! Yuck!
    So glad things are still going great with baby.

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