An Actual Pregnancy Update (And At A Cross Roads)

I am at a crossroads whether or not to blog at all about this pregnancy. Yeah, I ventured to add the rest of the letters on to that P. Yeah, I may be taking them back still. But I’ve had feedback that my P updates aren’t completely unwelcome, and I’ve also had people unfollow, maybe because they don’t want to read P updates (understandably).

So I have more to think about that. But all “P” posts will be labeled as such.

So here is my actual P update.

Yesterday I went for all my tests and expect to get my cell free DNA results within two weeks. I already got the results of the rest of the tests and everything is good, including my glucose.

Last night it occurred to me that with so much time between ultrasounds, I am going to be a wreck. I decided to practice with the home doppler I bought so that I can reassure myself.

It took me about 15 minutes and a ton of ultrasound gel, but I found the heart beat! It was about 174 bpm and wonderful to hear. It was amazing to know for a fact that right then, the fetus was still alive. Now I know I can go check again when I need to. Of course, that also means if I have a hard time finding it in the future I will have a meltdown. Sigh.

This also brings me to the fetus’ location. So, on my birth board on BabyCenter, women who think they have a bump before 12 weeks are pretty much chastised repeatedly and told that the uterus does not extend above the pubic bone until after 12 weeks. But my abdominal ultrasound on Monday and my doppler findings last night confirm that I’m already working with the space between my belly button and pubic bone. I’ve suspected this for a week now as that area has become firm and also, the part of my stomach above my belly button is sticking out more. I know that’s not baby; I know that’s organs and fat getting pushed up/out. I think this is also because of my fibroids. I have four very large fibroids growing on the back of my uterus, one of them pendunculated, and they grow with pregnancy, so I think this is adding to the growing mass down there.

My next appointment isn’t until 12/19 and I will hopefully get my cell free DNA test results back before then.


1 thought on “An Actual Pregnancy Update (And At A Cross Roads)”

  1. I do enjoy your updates so I hope you keep them up.
    Waiting between ultrasounds is hard – we got one at 6 weeks and then one at 11. Next apt and maybe not ultrasound is end of Dec.
    I think most of my bump is due to bloating and constipation. Hoping it becomes more kid soonish. I’ll be at 12 weeks on Friday. Thinking we are very close to where you are at on the journey which is why I’m relating lots to your posts. 🙂

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