RE Graduation and First Prenatal Appointment

The day before Thanksgiving we graduated from my RE, Dr. M. At 9w6d we measured at 10w1d and heart rate was 172 (down from peak at 184.)

We got a video of baby doing a little dance for us.

This morning was my first prenatal appointment. I had a quick scan to see if everything is still there (it is) and then tomorrow I go for a bunch of blood work, 1 hour glucose test (because of my weight), and then I go to a separate clinic to do my Counsyl test. Wow.

I found out there will be no nuchal translucency scan since I am doing the cell free DNA test. That was a surprise, and since I am so paranoid I was hoping to have that scan done, too.

I kind of feel like I shouldn’t be updating anymore. I doubt anyone wants to read P posts. But I need to see those test results before I wrap up the P posts.

Fingers crossed!


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