Maybe A Baby? (7w6d Ultrasound)

Yesterday was my third ultrasound at 7w6d. I was tightly wound and extremely nervous all day. Before the appointment my husband and I had the following text conversation.

Me: I’m freaked out.

Him: Me too. Let’s keep it under control. If it’s bad news, let’s just deal with it. Be prepared either way.

Me: No matter what we will be okay.

Dr. M brought in one of her medical students and a visiting resident, who had also been in my last appointment. The resident did the scan but before she started, she asked me about my nausea and told me I could start taking vitamin B6 if it gets worse. I got kind of snippy and told her, “My nausea is fine I’m not even worried about it at all.” Because I already got the vitamin B6 talk at my last scan where she was present, and I’m thinking, let’s see if my baby has a heartbeat still before we talk about completely pointless crap like my nausea. I read the internet, I can handle my symptoms, and if I need a prescription I’ll say something! But that was me being anxious and snippy.

Side note: this visiting resident is pregnant, which kind of sucks for anyone who isn’t pregnant, which is mostly everyone in an RE’s office, amirite? Not saying she shouldn’t be, but, you know. It sucks.

So the resident had a harder time finding the baby than Dr. M did but then she did find it and took some measurements showing it a week behind. Luckily I didn’t know that until later or I would have lost my mind. I asked what the heart rate was and they said “good.” I said, “I need it to be over 140!!!” Dr. M said, “It’s definitely over 140, we’ll get the measurement in a moment.” So I felt better.

Finally they told us the heart rate was 172 bpm. I started crying and apologizing for acting like a crazy woman. I felt like a high strung difficult patient (though I’m sure they see worse.)

Dr. M stepped in and got better measurements of baby, who is measuring at 8w1d and 17.1 mm long.

This is starting to feel real. I know sometimes it doesn’t feel real until much later, and it doesn’t feel real enough for me to think this is definitely happening yet, but I’m thinking this might happen.

My OB/GYN saw that I am p through MyChart and emailed me to tell me to make a prenatal appointment with her between 9 and 10 weeks. But Dr. M told me she wants to keep me until 10 weeks. So I am confused on what to do.

I am not even sure if I want to go back to my OB or if I want to go to the midwife group that is part of the university medical system, but you’re supposed to make these decisions early on, and I am no where near comfortable enough to tour a birthing center as a possible selection. I’m still “wait and see” right now. So I don’t know how to make these decisions.


6 thoughts on “Maybe A Baby? (7w6d Ultrasound)”

  1. I have been thinking about you and was anxiously waiting an update!! So happy to hear that baby is strong and things are looking good ❤ ❤

    And I totally know what you mean about pregnant workers at the RE's office. When I had my injection class my nurse was about 8 months pregnant and my favorite nurse is also now pregnant. Crazy.

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  2. I wish it was easy to revel in the good news like most fertile (without loss) people do. I wish you could gaily start planning nurseries and choosing where to go to deliver. Until then, I’ll pretend everything is fine and will be excited FOR you.
    Exhaling about the good news and awesome heartbeat. So thankful.

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    1. ps. As in, I wish life hadn’t been so unkind as to teach you not to take things for granted, just in case my tone comes out strangely. I wish life hadn’t shown you how nothing can be taken for granted.


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