Positivity for Pregnancy After Loss

I did something crazy – I bought a pregnancy journal. I’ve always wanted to document and celebrate a pregnancy and I decided to start now since things look good so far, and I don’t want to look back and be sad I missed out on the beginning. I’ve always wanted to do weekly bump updates and such and since I am not yet blogging about being actually officially Pregnant I thought I’d take a huge risk and start in my very overpriced handmade pregnancy journal from Etsy.

It makes me sad how so many of us don’t enjoy a pregnancy the way others do. I am nearly two months in and it’s like the first three months don’t count. I don’t want to lose the entire time to worry and fear. I am doing my best to enjoy this like everything is going to be okay.

That being said, we are still not telling close family until we are 14 weeks, and then extended family/public until closer to 20 weeks, but that’s just me. Some women in my birth group announced publicly at 6 weeks!

I did tell one close friend so I have someone to talk to other than my husband, and he ended up telling his mother because he needed some spiritual support, and she kind of took credit for this “p”. I am not mad about it because it’s kind of funny but she immediately said it was because she has been walking for miles and miles doing pilgrimages to churches to pray for us.

I always vowed to never be one of those women who complain about being “p”. Last night I woke up with a mouth filled with stomach acids, throat burning, not sure if I vomited it up in my sleep or my indigestion just went into overkill, but it was horrible. And I’d do it every night if I had to. I am very thankful.



1 thought on “Positivity for Pregnancy After Loss”

  1. Ouch. I hope you won’t have to experience every single night. Hey, don’t think of it as “complaining”, think of it as “warning” the readers who hope to follow… You know, just telling us what might happen once we reach your stage of being ‘p’ so we’re prepared. Yes, you’re preparing us 😉


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