Smug Preggos

(“p” update: hCG test is tomorrow morning. FRER was slightly lighter this morning and Wondfo was darker. Choosing not to panic.)

Well, that was fast. I posted that I am “p” and lost three followers. I 100% expected it to happen, and understand completely. I’ve done it myself. You have to protect yourself.

Because it was three bloggers I interact with more frequently, it stung more than I expected. But I still understood. I can’t tell you how many times I have found an infertility blog I want to follow only for it to shortly become a pregnancy blog or to become defunct as the blogger became pregnant and no longer blogged. Isn’t that the goal, for the blogger to become pregnant? But it does (usually) sever the connection between the reader and blogger.

And I totally get it when the blog was never strictly about infertility anyway. If you’re blogging about your life and you are infertile and then fall pregnant, you blog about both, right? It’s always a personal decision, but since my blog is strictly about infertility and RPL, and is read by primarily people with RPL and infertility, it will never be a pregnancy blog. While my “p” is still at risk, however, is a different story. My current “p” ties into my RPL. I am still under the care of an RE who specializes in recurrent pregnancy loss.

I may want to blog about this pregnancy for posterity but if I do so it will be in a separate blog for smug preggos to read 😛

And here is a song that makes me feel better when I am down.


3 thoughts on “Smug Preggos”

  1. I do blog about both and do expect many people who follow me to leave which I am ok with. I write more so for myself than anyone else which is the reason I do both. I think if I did this publicly I may feel different but for the past 7 years I have taken my blog posts and created various keepsake books about my infertility, pregnancy, son, miscarriage and hopefully this pregnancy. I love that clip by the way… they are hilarious.

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  2. Please do definitely keep blogging. I want to see it all the way through, new blog included. I fully understand the sting even though it makes sense. Getting pregnant doesn’t necessarily lead to a baby. Be it for a first time pregnancy or in your situation. I keep reading so that I can keep breathing instead of worrying that maybe in my absence the blogger lost her baby. I like closure. And closure will come in 9 months’ time for me, personally. So again, looking forward to the new blog once you are sure we’re out of the woods you USUALLY walk in that this blog belongs in.

    One step today. Hcg….

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