Second Guessing Infertility

Does your face ever cry without your mind knowing it?

This morning I was listening to an audiobook while I got ready for work and a character said she felt proud of the amazing children she and her husband had created. And my mind was on the tub of face cream in my hand but when I looked into the mirror to apply it, my face was crumpled and teary.

On Friday, I felt assured that if this next IVF cycle doesn’t work, we will turn to donor eggs. Today, I’m convinced I just need another 6 months of trying timed intercourse and my diet, workout, acupuncture, fertility smoothies, fertility massage, meditation, essential oils, and maybe that I need to just try reflexology. Maybe. Just to make sure I didn’t jump into the wrong decision.

And yet I have eaten half a dozen mini bagels at work today.



4 thoughts on “Second Guessing Infertility”

  1. Be way on yourself. Sometimes mini bagels is exactly what you need to survive the morning. You are doing more than you should have to in order to have what so many have so easily. Wishing you peace in this decision. Xo

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