Micro Dose Lupron Flare: Day 4

I’ve almost always been spared from side effects of medications. There have been only a two instances I can recall I’ve experienced them. This Lupron, tho…

It’s knocking me out and it’s only a micro dose! I’m not even on full strength as some women are. The day I started Lupron I can’t even get remotely horizontal without my eyes slamming closed and my brain shutting off.

Today is CD 9 and I have my next scan and blood work tomorrow morning. I am very nervous and excited!! Today I had a tiny bit of fertile cervical mucus (ew, sorry) so that is intriguing. Might my follicles be actually growing and producing estrogen??

A side effect that I think is more emotional than anything is my eating habits. My nice healthy diet has been out the window! Nothing crazy but a little gluten here, a little dairy there, a little more gluten there… you get the picture. But the cravings, ugh. All I want is chocolate. I think this is my stress eating. A month or two before my wedding this is what happened. All of the stress just suddenly went from five alarm to manageable with the reintroduction of comfort foods. I figure a week of crap eating isn’t what is going to ruin my chances at this point, is it?


4 thoughts on “Micro Dose Lupron Flare: Day 4”

  1. Whatever will make you ‘relax’ (hahahahaha) will surely HELP you conceive, right? Right??? Comfort eating included? And no, there’s no way I’m saying this because I’ve been having hectic chocolate cravings and been trying to hunt down gluten-free desserts in my province. No! Definitely nothing to do with misery loving company! 😉 Wishing you the best though, for real. Thank you for sharing your story.

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