Two Follicles and a Cyst.

This morning’s baseline ultrasound revealed a 10x13mm cyst on my left ovary, and two whole antral follicles on my right ovary. Ugh. Now I wait for the call to find out if the cyst is going to cancel my cycle or not, and even if it’s not cancelled, I mean, two follicles.

The doctor who did my scan is the head doctor of the clinic, and extremely well published and award winning so I was hoping he’d be able to locate more follicles but nope, I actually only have two. Again. I got all the remarks about my fibroids again, too, how they are so big and numerous and make it difficult to see my ovaries. Then he made some remark like, “You have to understand the risks, because of your decreased response to the medication, you don’t want to delay things by removing these.”

What? Removing my fibroids is an option? Since when? I’ve always been told they won’t remove them since they are subserosal (outside of my uterus) and cause no problems (other than making ultrasounds almost impossible.) I could have had these stupid things removed months ago while I was losing weight to become eligible for IVF if someone had offered the chance.

Two antral follicles and a cyst. That’s down from four antral follicles and a cyst (same cyst?) in April. You know all those things you’re supposed to do to improve your odds? Let’s take a tally of what has failed me.

Acupuncture: 25 sessions since February 20. I’ve read about this increasing AFC. Not only did it not increase my AFC but I have a cyst.

Chinese herbs: Five months of Chinese herbs and I think they delayed my ovulation and did nothing else.

Wheatgrass: I don’t even know why drink this ungodly stuff but I mix it in my smoothie every morning along with frozen acai berries, acai berry concentrate, almond milk (for alkalinizing!) and vegan protein powder. I was mixing royal jelly for about five months, too.

Supplements: Since February: 75mg DHEA (Fertinatal), 400-800mg ubiquinol, Vitamin C, E, and 4000-6000iu Vitamin D, Nordic Naturals DHA, 600mg R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, prenatal vitamins w/methylfolate, Methyl-Guard Plus (for my MTHFR), 600mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine, 500mg Acai concentrate. Also, a very hot/cold relationship with myo-inositol as I read conflicting research and advice on this. 34-44 pills a day, not including Chinese herbs. For what?

Diet: No gluten, dairy, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oil, caffeine, alcohol, nitrates, since February, 95% of the time. I also eat an insane amount of acai berries, avocados, and nuts, and very little beef and no pork.

Lifestyle Toxins: No more plastic bottles or food containers, changed to ALL phthalate and paraben free soap, deodorant, haircare, makeup, moisturizers (EWG approved!) and safe chemicals for household cleaners. No BPA lined cans. I even got rid of my plastic shower curtain. I don’t touch receipts anymore. Started this process in February, completed in May.

Essential oils, meditation, visualization, exercise, I LOST 40 POUNDS since February (50 pounds overall) which according to Dr. J, my acupuncturist/TCM doctor, is the key to everything.

There are so many studies that show an increase of antral follicles with DHEA treatment. Although I am still waiting to find out if we can go ahead with this cycle, and I could still sprout some follicles, I am angry and disappointed. I just want a chance to try. I know women go through hell with IVF but I want the chance to go through that hell, too, so I can just get a chance. I just want some hope, I want to see a number improve, I want to try for something. I am so tired of waiting. I’ve been waiting and trying and making efforts and reading research and making changes and waiting for five months to get here damnit and now I just want to cry. I am so worried and frustrated and I just need to write this in a safe place where people reading it will totally understand because they’ve been there, too.

Here’s to hoping I can start Lupron, I grow more follicles, and my egg quality has actually improved.


7 thoughts on “Two Follicles and a Cyst.”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that after all the prep, patience & dedication! Wow! You did an amazing job – it’s horrible to know that even after all that, we’re still not in total control 🙈 ugh. I really hope this cycle will go ahead. Thinking of you & are amazed at your hard work!


    1. Thanks! That’s really nice of you to say, I felt like I was throwing a temper tantrum yesterday when so many others have it even worse. I got the call we are still going ahead with the cycle, but not thrilled about my AFC. I am going back and forth between coming to peace with this and being scared.


  2. You know, I’m also on Inositol and not sure I should be! Hmmm. Maybe I’ll reduce how much I’m taking. I know if I had PCOS then it would be an obvious one, but hmmm.

    You’ve done so much to improve your chances, what a let down to not see your efforts paying off. Grrrr. I hope you’ll still be able to go ahead, I really do. We need you one step closer to baby.Please let the wait be over.


    1. So CCRM who has great success rates with women with DOR have myo-inositol on their supplement list, and I know of women who have taken it with success (non PCOS). But then I also read that it reduces androgens and that is what women with DOR need, more androgens, and that is why it is good for women with PCOS who have too high androgens. So I’ve been taking DHEA for 5 months and then going crazy on and off with the inositol and now I have no idea what is doing what. But we are going ahead with the cycle, terrible odds and all!


  3. It sucks that you have done everything & still have uncertainty about whether you can move forward. I don’t think you could have done anything else to prepare yourself, your preparation sounds immense. Thinking of you & hoping you get to try soon xx


    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts! We are going ahead with the cycle with a “well let’s see” attitude. But I needed to whine a bit yesterday and I feel a little better after that.

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  4. Wow I read all u have done to make this work and I realize that I have not even really done anything. I’ve been putting off excercising but at least I have a much healthier diet. Thing is that U always find people that has it worse than u. It brings me right back down to earth and make me count my blessings and appreciate my situation. Good luck for ur first cycle #holdingthumbs


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