IVF Consult: Complete!

IVF consult was good!

I spent the day on edge, with butterflies in my stomach, heart pounding with dread, unable to pin point why. My husband was not able to make it from work so he will be going back with me to sign the consent forms.

The consult went well. The doctor seemed positive and enthused and didn’t seem like she was having issues with me being fat. Always a plus!

I believe she is definitely a DOR friendly doctor. She said I only need two follicles for her to do a retrieval. I’ve heard of women with four follicles getting cancelled because the doctor didn’t think it was enough. I don’t have the details of the medication protocol yet (but will soon) but I know I am going to start estrogen priming in 18 days and then do an antagonist protocol.

My original plan has been to get the embryos to blastocyst and freeze for PGS testing. My reasons are because I want to bank while my quality is allegedly better so I can have more than one child, and reduce chance of miscarriage. Cons: with only a few embryos, may end up with none frozen. The four cycles with PGS testing will also use up all of my insurance allotment plus most of the money we have for IVF.

My doctor thinks that I will indeed end up with much fewer or none to freeze for testing and wants to transfer up to three 3-day embryos. I suddenly felt a lot more optimism when she proposed this idea. Pros: possibility of getting pregnant sooner, possibility of not losing good embryos that couldn’t make it to blast, not using up all our money on testing. Cons: increased chance of miscarriage, and no banked embryos for future use.

I want my husband to make this decision with me but he’s not really educated on embryos and blastocysts and transfers and all that. He is as involved with this process as he can be but he leaves the house at 6:30 am, gets home between 8 and 10 pm, and works on the weekends. He’s the classic definition of a workaholic and I’m not complaining because I knew exactly what I signed up for, but he doesn’t have the time I do to research and learn. I have done my best to explain everything to him and last night I gave him a rundown of our options (at 10:30 pm.)

This morning I asked him if he has any thoughts on our options and he said he wants to do the testing because, in his words, “five days gives it more time to develop into a better embryo. At three days it might not be ready and if we put it back too soon, it could result in a baby with birth defects.”

Bless his heart, that’s not really how this works, but I don’t have the knowledge to explain it to him very well. We might need to squeeze in an appointment with Dr. M to go over this with him.

I think there may be a good solution to this dilemma: bank day threes from all four cycles, then do transfers. Pros: banking eggs before quality further decreases, not using up all of money so if this doesn’t work we can try more things, not losing potentially good embryos that can’t make it to day five. Cons: not transferring only PGS normal embryos, thus not reducing risk of miscarriage.

None of this means anything if we can’t get my follicles to grow, of course.


2 thoughts on “IVF Consult: Complete!”

  1. I’m glad the appointment went well! I’m relieved your fears weren’t realized during the appointment. DOR-friendly REs are true gems. My first opinion RE is one of them, too. The doctor seems like a great fit for you and hubby. Your hubby’s reaction about three-day embryos is so funny. That’s interesting that she would transfer three embryos at once. Usually it’s just two. I’m glad estrogen priming is part of your protocol. TW: I don’t know if you follow Dubliner in 🇩🇪 , but she did a 48-hour transfer (one six cell and one four cell) of the only two embryos she had and she’s currently 8 weeks. Anything is possible.

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    1. Well I’m going to follow Dubliner now! That is really hopeful! I am choosing to live in hope right now, not fear. Let’s see how long this lasts! It’s nice to feel positive for a change, even though it makes the disappointments more painful.

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