Fertile Heart Workshop Experience

I am having a difficult time finishing my review of Julia Indichova’s Fertile Heart workshop. I enjoyed it very much. I’m glad I went. I am glad that we did it and the experience has given me some tools for creating a more positive mental space for myself. I did buy her audio downloads for… Continue reading Fertile Heart Workshop Experience


Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and Tiffany’s

Today is cycle day 17 and I am 99% sure I am ovulating. You know what that means? I’m ovulating nearly on time again! I used to ovulate on CD 16 like clockwork until this past January. In January, I ovulated a week late and had a 35 day cycle and I attributed it to… Continue reading Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and Tiffany’s

One Year: What Can Change, What Can’t Change

This is the kind of thing that I resist on a daily basis. I work at a university but I work in the foodservice part of that and this picture is from a recipe testing from our bakery. If it’s not this, it’s literal non-stop product samples, work lunches, or event dinners. I’ve been turning… Continue reading One Year: What Can Change, What Can’t Change

Random Update After July 4

I had a four day July 4th weekend because I took off Monday, and I strayed off the diet wagon. I’ve put on all of 4 pounds which is enough to send me into a mental tailspin. My metabolism is so shot that 1 cheat meal really sets me back a week. I also have… Continue reading Random Update After July 4