No Longer Too Fat For IVF!!!

I am not longer too fat for IVF!!! Yeah I did it! As predicted, I was heavier on the doctor’s scale, by 2.5 lb, which is pretty good. I am glad I went below the weight I had to be, and I had a morning appointment, and didn’t eat, and wore the lightest clothing I could!

My IVF consult is scheduled for July 12 and I think I may be doing my first IVF cycle in August. The weight loss isn’t over. I need to continue to lose weight to get to the weight where I feel the best. For the first time, weight loss isn’t about size for me, it’s about health. And while I do believe in Health At Every Size, I’ve also been doing research about body fat and increased oxidative stress, which is damaging to oocytes.

I am prepared for my first IVF cycle to be cancelled. I know I don’t respond well to ovarian stimulation meds. I know this won’t be easy and I am looking at an uphill battle. Reading my fellow bloggers has helped me come to terms with this. On forums and in my Facebook groups, the success stories seem to get the most mileage, and if you don’t look carefully, this diminished ovarian reserve thing can seem like no big deal.

There’s a large spider in my house I’ve been seeing crawl very quickly around the walls and ceilings. I don’t kill spiders in my house; they are welcome pest control. I found a little nest of spider eggs behind my living room curtain, between the wall and the window frame, near where I last saw the spider. Now I know spiders are laying eggs in the house, but I don’t want them behind my head while I’m watching TV, so I got rid of them. I felt terrible afterward and thought, “Poor spider, just wants to have babies.” You know you’re an infertile when you feel sorry for getting rid of a spider nest in your living room!


4 thoughts on “No Longer Too Fat For IVF!!!”

  1. Congrats!! It’s party time! Celebration! I agree that reading the experiences of other bloggers who had success with donor eggs has helped me come to terms with it. You’re so sweet about the spider’s nest. I felt the same way about my dog. For years (during our infertility wilderness) we didn’t get her spayed because I didn’t feel right about it. I wouldn’t want to be spayed! We got her spayed about a year ago and while it was hard at first, i forget a lot that she is spayed. So happy for you!

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  2. Just wanted to wish you good luck. And I can totally relate to your spider story. I have a love/hate relationship with spiders. I have wolf spiders living in my greenhouse. I know they are great pest control for the things that would eat my plants, but really, the words “wolf” and “spider” should never go together. Nevertheless I tolerate them. Until one day I saw one carrying it’s babies on it’s back. A thousand eyes staring at me. I freaked out and made my husband kill them. They I actually cried over killing a baby wearing mama and her babies. Ugh. Hormones.

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    1. OMFG BABY WEARING MAMA SPIDER!!! I know I am really late reading this but I Just DIED. I am never going to look at the scary wolf spider on my patio the same way again. Thank you for that!

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