Erratic Cycles (My Body Is Not A Wonderland)

The good news: I hit my IVF weight. Yay! Now let’s make this stick and continue the downward trend.

The bad news: Yesterday was CD 18 and I started spotting. I know it’s my period starting. This is bad because it’s way early, like at least 10 days early. I don’t even know if I ovulated because I missed a few days basal temping, but I never got a positive OPK so I doubt it. Here I am, tracking my cycle like I’m even TTC-ing like a regular person. But I do it because Dr. J needs to see what my body is doing throughout my cycle for her acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I also want to be able to give as much info to Dr. M so she can figure out how to stimulate my ovaries properly, or figure out if I’m pre-menopausal. (Note: she won’t say that I’m not pre-menopausal, but I think I totally am.)

I don’t know what is making my cycles go out of whack and what is making this cycle even wackier. I started taking DHEA again after only being off of it for maybe a week so that’s not it. Maybe it’s the 10x13mm simple cyst I had in April dissolving. I’ve been feeling pangs in my left ovary since the middle of May, but I don’t know which side the cyst was/is on.

My cycle starting early also will likely set back my IVF start. June 29 is my weight check, and after that I will schedule my IVF consult. My next cycle was to start around July 17, and I need to do estrace priming. If my next cycle starts June 7 there’s no way we’ll be ready for IVF by then. That’s only bad because I am anxious to start, but it’s kind of a good thing in that it means more time improving my egg quality and overall health. But time is really not on my ovaries’ side.

Generally, I’m frustrated with not knowing what is going on with my body. Most infertile women must feel the same way. I think it’s really uncanny that the very month I found out I have diminished ovarian reserve, my cycles started changing drastically. I was one of those textbook clockwork menstruaters for 23 years, even when I first started menstruating I was regular. How did we find out about my AMH right when my cycles went crazy?


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