No Longer Too Fat For IVF!!!

I am not longer too fat for IVF!!! Yeah I did it! As predicted, I was heavier on the doctor's scale, by 2.5 lb, which is pretty good. I am glad I went below the weight I had to be, and I had a morning appointment, and didn't eat, and wore the lightest clothing I… Continue reading No Longer Too Fat For IVF!!!


Desperate Times Call For Desperate Purchases

If I ever have a child, I will know I worked for that child. I will have worked so hard. Every mile on the treadmill, every time I turn down normal food everyone else is eating, every research study I read, every dollar I save for IVF costs, the meditations, the needles, you get the… Continue reading Desperate Times Call For Desperate Purchases

Painful Reminders of Loss

Last night I was lying in bed, past my bedtime, and catching up on my Facebook groups as I often do. I came across a shared pregnancy progression video. The woman showed her belly for each size milestone while the man held the comparable size item in his hand – seed, fruit, melon, you get… Continue reading Painful Reminders of Loss

Counting My Blessings and Pounds

That moment when you lose 42 pounds and no one notices except for the three people you explicitly told you were trying to lose weight. Yup, I’m five pounds below my clinic’s requirement BMI for IVF! And with 13 days to go until my weight check, I hope to lose more to compensate for the… Continue reading Counting My Blessings and Pounds

Erratic Cycles (My Body Is Not A Wonderland)

The good news: I hit my IVF weight. Yay! Now let’s make this stick and continue the downward trend. The bad news: Yesterday was CD 18 and I started spotting. I know it’s my period starting. This is bad because it’s way early, like at least 10 days early. I don’t even know if I… Continue reading Erratic Cycles (My Body Is Not A Wonderland)