Two Week Wait

I am 1 DPO. My two week wait is usually a 12 day wait, and based on when I usually get a positive HPT, more like a 10 day wait. My husband and I decided to try this month with timed intercourse. Even though my follicles weren’t budging two weeks ago, I am fairly certain I ovulated yesterday based on my OPKs, temping, and fertile CM. Now just to wait and see if I can sustain three elevated temps.

If I did ovulate yesterday, that means I ovulated CD 20. My ovulation has gone from a clockwork CD 16 to anywhere between CD 18 and CD 28 since December 2016. I don’t know what caused the sudden change and it worries me. I’ve also read that an ovulation after CD 17-18 indicates poor egg quality and a degenerating uterine lining. Wonderful news for me, huh?

But my husband and I have a good track record, especially for me being 34 and him being 37. Out of 11 timed intercourse cycles we’ve gotten positives 3 times. That’s a 27% success rate, even though they weren’t actually successful. Note: this is not counting all the months I spent pregnant and the cycle I had to skip for a sonohysterogram, and the months we skipped because of cancelled IUI or we were holding out for IVF. That’s a great percentage for people our age trying with timed intercourse, I think. With all the supplements and diet changes I’ve been doing for the past four months, maybe my eggs are good enough now.

The real reason why we tried is because I need a reason to have hope. I handle negative HPTs pretty well and I accept this probably won’t work but I just didn’t want to wait out another cancelled cycle with nothing to hope for. I enjoy the two week wait a little bit. At least I get the chance to feel like I am actually doing something, to feel like there is a chance for something to happen.


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