Too Fat For IUI, Too!

I saw Dr. J for acupuncture last night. I told her my IUI was cancelled because of the follicles not growing and estrogen not increasing.

Last cycle when my first IUI was cancelled, she said that I needed to be taking her herbs and seeing her for acupuncture for three months before I’d be ready for an IUI and that was why that first one had failed. Okay.

So last night she said that this current cycle had failed because my body is not ready, I need to keep taking her herbs, and I am still too overweight. Of course, now that I’ve been there for the three months she said I would require, and I am still not able to get pregnant, suddenly it is my fault. She also said that my excess weight is why my estradiol isn’t increasing, which is not something I’ve been able to find in any of my research.

I’ve lost 25 lb total, and I am 5 lb away from my IVF weight. I get that I am still overweight but I’ve been pregnant four times before and once I made it to nine weeks, and I lost that pregnancy due to trisomy, not my weight, so how long are we all going to keep pointing the finger at my weight?

My RE told me that my last cycle failed because the Follistim needles are too small and my stomach is too fat so the needles weren’t getting anywhere. Fine. So this cycle we did Menopur with big IM injections in my butt. Still didn’t work. So again, how long are we going to keep pointing to my weight?

I am playing along and trying to lose more weight but I am honestly concerned that my doctors are not looking for any possible problem or solution other than “too fat” and “lose weight.”


4 thoughts on “Too Fat For IUI, Too!”

  1. Ok this is enraging. Plenty of women who are overweight get pregnant. Congratulations on losing so much weight- that takes a lot of dedication and discipline. I am here cheering you on!


  2. Hate that! I’ve been through several doctors as well. One who wouldn’t even treat me unless I got weight loss surgery. I’m not like 500 lbs or anything big girls get pregnant ALL THE TIME!!!! New RE is much better, but it still burns me to hear this!! Hope you can get the right help!

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    1. Thank you! It is really frustrating especially when I don’t know if my issues are being taken seriously or properly cared for because all they can see is WEIGHT WEIGHT WEIGHT.

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