In Sad Limbo

We are in that waiting time between actions. After my cancelled IUI we decided not to try this month because we’re both jumpy about the possibility of poor quality eggs and another miscarriage, should I get pregnant. Of course, if we’d gone through with the IUI it would have been the same risk, but somehow we came to this nonsensical conclusion and stuck to it.

Then, course, I didn’t ovulate. I’m on day 20 with no ovulation. Positive ovulation test? Check. Fertile CM? check. Basal temp drop indicating ovulation? Check. Basal temp spike the next day? Check. And then the temps dropped again and again and again.

So maybe I’ll ovulate really late again, or maybe I’ll have another anovulatory cycle. I hate this period of time where we’re just waiting, and there’s nothing I can do. I don’t even have the two week wait.

We’re just floating in limbo, counting down the days until we can actually do something. 


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