Bonus Update: An Extra Dose of Fail

Estradiol is down to 27 from 37. Maybe this is because I lost a follicle. I have no idea. Menopur dose upped to 300iu. It was so hard to come to work today after my appointment. Before I left my doctor's office, I had to update my insurance. My doctor has a separate waiting room… Continue reading Bonus Update: An Extra Dose of Fail


The Embarrassment of Infertility

Why am I embarrassed that I can’t have a baby? You always hear women who have infertility saying they feel ashamed, like they are less of a woman, or that their bodies betrayed them. I don’t have any of those feelings but I feel straight up embarrassed of my broken ovaries. Like when someone sideswiped… Continue reading The Embarrassment of Infertility

Hope for Egg Quality

When I got to my acupuncture appointment today, Dr. J told me I ovulated on CD 17. She said my temps don't look the way they should, which is what was throwing me, because I have low progesterone. I hope she's right about me ovulating this month. She told me to be happy and not… Continue reading Hope for Egg Quality

In Sad Limbo

We are in that waiting time between actions. After my cancelled IUI we decided not to try this month because we're both jumpy about the possibility of poor quality eggs and another miscarriage, should I get pregnant. Of course, if we'd gone through with the IUI it would have been the same risk, but somehow… Continue reading In Sad Limbo

Infertility’s Stages of Grief

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. For me, denial and bargaining have gone hand in hand. I will never forget the morning I got my AMH result I just fell apart completely, sobbing in bed. We spent the weekend watching bad movies to take our minds off of it.… Continue reading Infertility’s Stages of Grief