No Eggs, Low Estrogen, and Educational Fibroids!

The good, the bad, and the really sad:

I was finally able to start this IUI cycle after my whopping 8 day luteal phase. My CD 3 ultrasound showed 0 antral follicles. ZERO!!! My FSH was 7, and my E2 was 20. I was told to start on 225 Follistim and come back on CD 6.

The doctor who did my ultrasound sucked. He just kept focusing on my fibroids (subserosal), talking about how they were obscuring his view, asking me if I knew I had fibroids (yes), asking me if I had a saline sonohysterogram (yes), asking me if I’ve had surgery on them (no.) The ultrasound was so painful, too. I’ve had my fair share of vaginal ultrasounds, so I have a good idea of what is painful and what is normal.

I cried in the exam room and in the car ride home with my husband. I really expected to get at least 2 antral follicles. Then I got a call from the nurse telling me to start the Follistim that night and she also told me about my FSH being 7 which is great!!! And of course my sadly low E2 level.

I was really nervous about my first injection. I’m good at needles, too. I can watch needles go in, I don’t mind IM injections, I’ve taken my own blood sugar (when I used to work at the hospital we all did this for ‘fun’) and I’ve even had a PICC line. I was nervous though. My husband has made it clear he will be unable to do my injections, he’s a needlephobe, and I’m fine with that. But I was so nervous. And then I Just did it and I didn’t even feel it go in. So  yeah, that was one little plus to a crap day.

Then yesterday I finally got back my Fragile X results, which are negative. That was a huge relief for us. I am already facing some of the worst possible odds so at least we don’t have that on the table, too.

So today I went in for my CD 6 ultrasound and blood work. Same doctor but this time he brought in a student to show her my fibroids! I guess I’m glad my crappy uterus can be a learning experience for someone, and at least she was nice, but jeez. This makes me worried how they’re going to retrieve eggs from my ovaries if they are so obscured by my giant fibroids. So now I’ve got 2 follicles. They are “still very small, but hopefully will respond to the medication.” And now my Follistim dose is increased to 300, which I expected at least.

The bad: my E2 is only 30, and we’re on day 6 of my cycle. Dr. J told me yesterday that I am extremely kidney yin deficient and she is trying to increase my estrogen with acupuncture, but I guess it didn’t work this week.

I don’t get it. Estrogen tells your body to produce FSH, right? And if your FSH is high that means your body is having to send a ton to your ovaries to get it to produce a follicle, right? Also, I’ve always read that it’s high estrogen that produced fibroids, and excess weight causes high estrogen. Well I’ve got the fibroids and the weight. I ovulate every month. But I’ve got no eggs, my brain isn’t working very hard to tell my ovaries to ovulate, and I’ve got no estrogen. Where are my hormones? What the hell is wrong with me?

All of this makes me so glad we’re doing at least 1 IUI prior to IVF because at least now my doctor can see how my ovaries may respond.


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