Well I couldn’t possibly be more frustrated right now.

  1. My weight loss is plateauing.
  2. I ovulated 12 days late this cycle, so I am currently 8 dpo, and I should be on day 6 of stims and instead I am just sitting around waiting for my period.
  3. My basal temp dipped this morning and I started spotting. Finally! But this is way too soon to start spotting. Am I progesterone deficient?
  4. Dr. J seemed to forget that I regularly ovulate during my acupuncture session yesterday, which makes me wonder if any of my doctors are actively aware of my case.
  5. Today is 2 months since I got my insanely low AMH result. Why does it take so long to get things going? And I expect to keep waiting this long for everything to happen.

I keep reading about how more and more women now have diminished ovarian reserve because women are putting off having children to work on their careers, where as in earlier generations these women would have had children by now, before their ovaries lost reserve, I guess. Something about this just rubs me the wrong way. Can we just say people have children at older ages now, and not point to women’s careers, which aren’t even always a factor anyway?

Also, according to my groups online, message boards, and Dr. Google, women with DOR don’t typically have poor egg quality unless they’re older (then why do I?) IVF isn’t necessary (so what should those of us with .03 AMH do?), women with DOR have a hard time getting pregnant (I don’t), and other confusing things like that. I wish there was more/better research into infertility.

Next week I find out if I am a carrier for Fragile X. Having that and DOR would put my chances for having a baby with my own eggs at Nope, Never, right?


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