Gratitude During Infertility

It seems crazy that I keep finding reasons to be grateful during infertility struggles. I read about the experiences of other infertile couples in my Facebook groups or my message boards, other blogs, and even though I have a terrible situation, here is what I am grateful for.

Mostly, my husband. My diminished ovarian reserve brought us closer, and our relationship has improved, and I have to credit him for that. If anything, I am even more high strung and oversensitive and he has just really stepped in like a superhero in our time of crisis. Also, I am grateful that he works so hard to be able to afford us all of the alternative treatments and supplementation I am doing.

I am grateful for my health insurance. I have 20k covered for basic infertility and that includes IUIs, and I also have four IVF cycles covered. That being said, if an IVF cycle gets canceled, it still counts as one covered cycle, but I still can’t complain. My pharmacy coverage is also ridiculously good and my IUI meds only cost $120, and there’s definitely 3 cycles worth of progesterone in that order.

I am grateful that my boss is so chill about me taking all the time off I need for doctor appointments. I’ve heard of women needing to use FMLA to go to fertility doctor appointments which I think is ridiculous.

I am grateful that I work at a university so I have access to full text of research studies published in scientific journals. There’s only so much Dr. Google can help and it’s great to see actual data.

I can sit here and think of all the reasons I am grateful and feel almost content before I overhear a woman visiting the office that she will find out the sex of her baby soon. BAM like a toilet flushing my heart, all that gratitude is gone.

But on the ovulation front, Fertility Friend updated this morning to reflect that I did indeed ovulate on Tuesday, as indicated by my OPKs and CM. Who the hell ovulates on CD 28?? I can’t figure out if it’s because I had an ovarian cyst in the beginning of the cycle, or because I am on DHEA.


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