CD 37 !?: Short Update

I ovulated 3 weeks late. That's right! I am on CD 37 and 5 DPO, or at least I think. And it's that damn DHEA, I am sure. That's what delayed me every cycle in 2017 until I stopped taking it. But I am taking it until we are ready to start trying officially since… Continue reading CD 37 !?: Short Update


I’m Still Here

The first time around, we were willing to empty savings accounts and 401Ks. We were willing to go into debt, to let go of my DNA, to travel across states, to get a baby. Because we had no baby. Now that we have one, and she is my world, the desperation is less intense. But… Continue reading I’m Still Here


In Line For the Secondary Infertility Ride

The woman I know pregnant with twins lost one at 6 weeks and I felt terrible about my envy of her. She's due with a boy in July now. I've had several more friends have babies and announce pregnancies since my daughter was born and I still get pangs. I know 100% that I desperately… Continue reading In Line For the Secondary Infertility Ride


My Breastfeeding Obstacle Course

Before I got pregnant and even while I was pregnant I always thought, “If breastfeeding works out then great, if not then no big deal.” No big deal. In fact, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to breastfeed, but I was also 100% certain that my breasts would produce no milk. So, I told… Continue reading My Breastfeeding Obstacle Course


Secondary Infertility Fears

Someone I know is pregnant with twins. IVF twins, after 4 rounds of IVF and a possible miscarriage, secondary infertility after primary infertility. And still... I flinched when I heard it. Isn't that stupid? I got lucky with one baby, and my feelings on having/trying for a second are worthy of an entire separate post,… Continue reading Secondary Infertility Fears


Two Months Later: Birth Story and Update

Here we are at 9 weeks. I love being a mom so much more than I thought I would and I can't wait to give her a sibling. Hello, secondary infertility. Having said that, I can now confidently say that primary infertility is worse than secondary infertility. I've always hated that debate. So, my daughter… Continue reading Two Months Later: Birth Story and Update

Pregnancy Update

To My Unborn Children

Our little twins. You never stood a chance to survive. You were conceived shortly after your Dad and I got engaged. We were so thrilled to find out we were pregnant. You would have been 3.5 years old last month. You were all the children we'd ever need, our first and last born. I don't… Continue reading To My Unborn Children