The Limbo of Pregnancy After Loss

I had my last hCG check on Monday (19 dpo) and it more than doubled from 1810 to 3920, so we scheduled the first ultrasound to take place on 10/25. That ultrasound will be a major milestone for me and after that it's a race to the second trimester. A very slow race. I've been… Continue reading The Limbo of Pregnancy After Loss


“p” Update: Beta Results

I did my blood draw this morning (13 dpo) and my first beta is 183! That is the highest beta I've ever had! (edit: highest first beta) At least I think it is, because with my cervical ectopic pregnancy, I didn't have my hCG tested until until 5 or 6 days until after my period… Continue reading “p” Update: Beta Results

Smug Preggos

("p" update: hCG test is tomorrow morning. FRER was slightly lighter this morning and Wondfo was darker. Choosing not to panic.) Well, that was fast. I posted that I am "p" and lost three followers. I 100% expected it to happen, and understand completely. I've done it myself. You have to protect yourself. Because it… Continue reading Smug Preggos

This Is A Sensitive Post.

This is a sensitive post so please don’t read if your emotional state is crap right now. I have been getting lines on my home pregnancy tests. I am a hurricane of emotions and thoughts. Even though I am technically “p” (I keep seeing WordPress people say they stole this from Mama Jo but I… Continue reading This Is A Sensitive Post.

Hello, October.

This is my fourth October that I have taken part in some way in Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. This is my fourth year of pregnancy loss. Last October, I signed up for a local ceremony and walk with a required $60 donation. I was picturing something like the walk in the movie The… Continue reading Hello, October.

Depression, Retreat, and Anovulatory Cycles

I can feel myself easing into the first stages of depression. My body is a tense knot of anxiety. I have forsaken the fucking fertility diet for the time being that I just am so tired of thinking about. I'm still taking my pills, and tracking my cycles, and trying to make a baby from… Continue reading Depression, Retreat, and Anovulatory Cycles

At Peace With Donor Eggs, IVF # 2

I pour over old medical records. When exactly did I become infertile? My right ovary was 3.5 mL over a year ago. A menopausal ovary is 2.8 mL on average. Right. When did my AMH drop? I’ll never know. My body is a mystery to me and to my doctors but they aren’t nearly as… Continue reading At Peace With Donor Eggs, IVF # 2

My Future Motherhood

I finally did it. I left my Facebook support groups, except for my DOR and Donor Egg groups. Bye, bitches! Well, they weren’t all bitches. But this morning I saw a post from a woman who just transferred one of her many PGS normal embryos and got a strong positive before her beta, and oh… Continue reading My Future Motherhood

Second Guessing Infertility

Does your face ever cry without your mind knowing it? This morning I was listening to an audiobook while I got ready for work and a character said she felt proud of the amazing children she and her husband had created. And my mind was on the tub of face cream in my hand but… Continue reading Second Guessing Infertility